New COVID-killing HVAC Technology Could Protect Offices

Integrated Viral Protection says it installed an HVAC system that uses new technology to kill airborne viruses, like COVID-19, in an office building in Delaware.

HVAC Covid Integrated Viral Protection
Dr. Garret Peel, executive principal and founding partner of Integrated Viral Protection, speaks in Wilmington, Delaware
CNW Group / Mediastar

Integrated Viral Protection (IVP), a technology company that specializes in indoor air protection systems, recently hosted an event to unveil a corporate office building with an HVAC system said to aid in removing COVID from the air. 

The event took place in Wilmington, Delaware, at a corporate office building  that is one of the first to implement the COVID-killing Biodefense Indoor Air Protection System to enhance its HVAC infrastructure. The system could be a tool to help workers return to office work. 

IVP officials say their technology is proven to destroy SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19 (99.999%), anthrax spores, and other airborne pathogens instantaneously, in a single pass. The IVP system uses a combination of filtration, thermal technology and irradiation to remove and kill the virus. 

"No one thought COVID would come to Victoria (Texas), but COVID doesn't have boundaries," said Christina Adrean, CEO of Post Acute Medical. "Our community now believes our hospital is the safest in Victoria, as we're the only one to have this wonderful machine. We haven't had a single employee or patient contract COVID since the filtration system was installed."

In addition to the Wilmington offices, the IVP Air technology has been implemented in Hilton Worldwide hotels, Houston's George R. Brown Convention Center, the Texas A&M Health Science Center and student housing, True North Classical Academy in Miami, Florida, Slidell Independent School District in Slidell, Texas and Post Acute Medical Rehabilitation, with sites in Texas and Las Vegas.

"We're suffering. A lot of people are suffering," said Monzer Hourani, CEO, Integrated Viral Protection, and founder of Medistar Corporation. "It's about time people understand that if we're going to get rid of COVID-19 one day, we need this advancement working in tandem with the vaccine. We need to be one nation, one people, and work together, be united, and use science to overcome COVID-19."

"The argument of whether this works or not is over," said Rick Perry, former U.S. Secretary of Energy and former Texas governor. "This is a powerful tool that deals with COVID-19. And yes, we're facing COVID now but, in the future, there will be other influenzas, other viruses to deal with. This isn't about a quick fix for now. This is about a long-term investment in your business, in your schools, in your airports, and the like. This is about letting your customers, students, and staff know that they can come into your building and be safe."

Read the research brief about how the technology works and its specs here