Cojali Celebrates 30th Anniversary in Technological Development

Cojali, a Spanish multinational company dedicated to the development of technological solutions for machinery and commercial vehicles, celebrates its 30th anniversary — pledging to continue supplying solutions and service to vehicle manufacturers.

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Since 1991, Cojali has been developing electronic products and solutions for the automotive industry, including commercial vehicles, agricultural vehicles and construction vehicles. This year, the company celebrates its 30th anniversary as part of those industries.

Over the years, innovative technology has crept its way into the construction industry, providing efficiency and capability, but coming with its own set of problems and failures. 

Companies, such as Cojali, propel the industry forward by providing solutions to new industry problems. As the presence of technology grows, the need for such companies follows, leading Cojali to its main purpose — to meet the needs of repair professionals in a world with increasing technology use cases.

As Cojali celebrates its 30th anniversary, it pledges to continue offering technological products and value-added services throughout the industries it serves. However, its work does not stop there.

Cojali plans to continue to expand globally. The company currently has more than 700 employees and three subsidiaries: Cojali France, Cojali Italy and Cojali USA. It also has four commercial offices in Germany, Russia, Turkey and Mexico.

Furthermore, Cojali’s projects and services currently reach more than 115 countries worldwide, a reach it plans to expand through increasing distribution channels.

Its commitment and ability to provide innovative technology to manufacturers, spare part suppliers, fleet managers, technicians, business owners and more will propel the company’s aptitude in providing 360 degree solutions to its customers in various industries.

Information provided by Cojali and edited by Chantal Zimmermann.