Enfinity 2.0

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Solutions by Computer introduces Enfinity 2.0, which contains a number of features designed to help tool, event and equipment rental operations maximize return on assets and serve the needs of its customers: New Internet customer portal -- offers end-renters online account management capabilities including the ability to create their own quotations and reservations in Enfinity, track equipment out on jobsites, view accounts receivable, and notify the rental business that equipment is ready for pickup; Intermediary special pricing -- In addition to handling special pricing at the customer level and the customer type level, Enfinity now allows multiple price adjustments to be applied to intermediary third parties in a transaction; "Watchdog" for Enfinity -- maintains a wait list of unfulfilled rental requests, monitors late returns to reduce overbookings, and automatically follows up on quotations and accounts receivable. Additional enhancements -- Enfinity 2.0 also includes an expanded rate display, sub-rent and transfer transactions, security levels by operational task, and customizable forms.

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