Mobile App for OnlineAVL2 Fleet Tracking System

Navman Ipadiphone 10785682

Navman Wireless offers an expanded mobile app for its OnlineAVL2 fleet tracking system, enabling dispatchers, fleet managers and executives to monitor and manage fleet activities from their iPhones or iPads.

  • Provides in-depth insights into real-time fleet operations as well as the ability to send and receive messages through Navman Wireless in-vehicle terminals for fast and easy communication with drivers
  • Determine the real-time location of any vehicle or asset, along with status information such as ignition on/off and travel speed, simply by selecting from a vehicle list
  • View the entire fleet, vehicle groups or individual assets in real time on Google Maps, with choice of standard, satellite or street map views
  • Spot out-of-bounds vehicles or construction equipment by tapping a button to add previously created geofences or job sites to the map view
  • ‘Replay a Day’ to see any vehicle’s current-day activity plotted on a map, making it possible to retrace driving routes and pinpoint the time and location of events such as speeding or idling


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