Pro-Vigil Remote Video Monitoring Service

Pro Vigil Product Shot

This Remote Video Monitoring Service pairs high-tech cameras and advanced software with live video monitoring done by a virtual guard to stop crime before it happens.

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) video surveillance determines threat levels with advanced software and notifies authorities if necessary
  • Virtual guards leverage remote personnel to review triggers from AI findings
  • Audio & Visual Deterrent Services deploy bright, flashing lights to scare intruders and notify them with a loud voice warning that they have been spotted
  • Camera health monitoring allows checks for proper camera functionality at any time to avoid security gaps and maintain continuous surveillance monitoring
  • Dedicated mobile app provides remote access to video monitoring statistics, arming or disarming and live feeds
  • Use Smart Search Capabilities to view footage quickly based on search terms or keywords
  • Cloud-based surveillance provides secure access to data and minimizes storage limitations
  • Machine learning strengthens accuracy of the security solution with smart video analysis
  • Can provide a new security solution or integrate with existing solutions

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