Video: New Cat B15 Smartphone Takes a Punch, and a Dunk

SlashGear TV talks about how rugged the Cat-branded B15 Android smartphone is, and drops it a couple of times

SlashGear says this about the new Cat-branded B15 Android smartphone:

If you’ve ever used a “rugged” smartphone or tablet before, you’ll be surprised to hear that the newest of these rare unicorns is not slow and stunted like those of the past have been – instead the CAT B15 is a rather well balanced device.

This aluminium smartphone has mid-range specs (512MB of RAM and 4GB of internal storage space; dual-core 1GHz Cortex A9 processor; 4-in. WVGA resolution - 800 x 480) and the ability to withstand 6-ft. drops to concrete, immersion in water, and temperatures between 5 degrees and 122 deg. F.

TechCrunch has this to say about the Cat B15:

Perhaps best of all, the 4-in. display recognizes touch input even when it’s wet — mostly. After a booth representative shot down my attempt to hurl the thing like baseball, I settled for dunking the B15 in some water a few times. For the first few instances, things worked fine, but at some point you’ll eventually have to wipe the thing down for it to start behaving properly again.