Study: How Industries Communicate Through the Cloud

Of five industries included in a recent study - construction, software, media and entertainment, manufacturing, and financial services - construction proved to be the most mobile and externally collaborative

This study compared how five diverse industries – software, media and entertainment, construction, manufacturing, and financial services – work with and share information to get business done. Among the findings, construction firms have the highest rate of work shared with outside parties, roughly double that of any other industry analyzed.

The study used product data from companies who have purchased and used Box. Six custom metrics were used to examine key differences across the industries studied. The six metrics measured included:

  • Decentralization of information - how information is distributed within organizations
  • Mobility
  • Collaboration
  • Content creation
  • Content consumption
  • External collaboration

Results of the study show "intra-organizational distribution of information is very high for construction, which is on par with the media and entertainment industry. Project plans and related documents touch multiple teams as information flows from offices to project sites." In addition, the construction industry has the highest rate of work shared with outside parties - roughly double that of the other industries. conducted the study and shared the results in hopes that companies can use the insights as a useful benchmark for their businesses.