Hydrema 912D Compact Dump Trucks Float Through Golf Course Construction Project

Wadsworth Golf Construction Company uses Hydrema 912D multi-tip articulated dump trucks to handle on-site needs at the Twin Orchard Country Club construction project.

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Wadsworth Golf Construction Company, a national construction company specializing in golf course construction, successfully used two Hydrema 912D multi-tip articulated dump trucks to handle their on-site construction needs at the Twin Orchard Country Club project. 

Construction Project Details

Twin Orchard Country Club required that the construction take place during the winter season and that the project be completed by Spring 2009, prior to the start of the golf season.  

Wadsworth's responsibilities for this project included: updating the look of the course by changing four green designs, enlarging six lakes and six dry containment basins, building three new ponds and updating storm water management without disrupting the irrigation and drainage systems already in place.

Construction Equipment Used

Wadsworth needed the right lightweight equipment for the job and remembered the Hydrema 912D multi-tip dump truck they saw at the Golf Show in Orlando, FL. "We knew the project would require lightweight pieces of equipment that could maneuver through a wet, muddy jobsite. I called Hydrema directly and they delivered two pieces of equipment right to my jobsite," states Mark Dormire, General Superintendent of Wadsworth Golf Construction.  "The two multi-tip dumps became an essential part of our construction equipment fleet on this project to ensure it was completed on time without causing damage to the grounds."

Wadsworth moved more than 73,000 cubic yards of material during the construction project, 20,000 cubic yards of which was peat. The material was used for mounding and building fairways and greens.  "We hauled a tremendous amount of material throughout this job. We are very impressed with the 912's power, speed and flotation," continues Dormire.

The wide tires of the 912D make it well-suited for jobsites that require light treading applications such as golf courses, parks and the like. The wide tires also enable it to operate in challenging tractive conditions, regardless of whether the terrain is soft or steep.  

"The wide tires on the 912D excelled in the mud," says Dormire. "We never got stuck. The flotation is ideal on these trucks with their low ground pressure keeping turf damage to a minimum."

The 912D Series Dump Truck has a 7.6-cubic-yard dump capacity and is made of high tensile steel with all-welded construction, providing strength and stability on the job.

"The trucks had no problem hauling the heavy mud and peat through very wet conditions," continues Dormire.

The 912D is powered by a 4.4-liter Perkins E1104D-44T Tier III turbo diesel engine. Rated at 131 horsepower, this engine provides power for hauling heavy loads over rugged terrain.

"We ran these trucks all day long. The 912D proved to be both reliable and fuel efficient," says Dormire. "This reliability was crucial to keeping us on deadline while their fuel efficiencies kept us on budget."

The operator-friendly cab of the 912D features ideal visibility and a 6.4 inch display that works as a rear view camera when the truck is put into reverse. This display also allows the operator to view the Windows-based instrument panel that provides the truck's data and diagnostics. The cab is spacious and the operator controls are ergonomically placed for optimum operator productivity and comfort.

"Our operators really enjoyed running the Hydrema trucks, finding them both comfortable and user-friendly," says Dormire. "The guys were able to learn the controls quickly, which saved us time on the project."

Hydrema's 912D articulated dump truck is designed with a multi-tip configuration, which allows the dump body to swing 90 degrees left and right to unload material, offering the operator optimum flexibility across multiple jobsites. It is also designed with a high tipping angle. This combined with the ground clearance of the body guarantees faster unloading times than with traditional dumps.

"Our operators did not have to waste time backing up to dump their loads. The multi-tip dump feature increased our truck cycle times, which helped speed up productivity," says Dormire.