Attachments Boost Business Growth - Ensuring an Easy Switch

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Quick couplers and universal mounting plates have facilitated rapid expansion in the attachment market. There are literally hundreds of attachment types to choose from.

Not only do quick couplers allow fast changeout between attachment types, they permit easy transfer between machines. "The nice thing about a quick attach is you can utilize different attachments with very easy switching back and forth," says Ron Peters, CEAttachments. "With the universal mount on the attachments, you can switch them from different brands of skid steers or track loaders. If you have a John Deere skid steer and a Bobcat track loader, the same attachment is going to fit on both machines."

Universal mounting systems also enable transfer of certain types of attachments from one carrier type to another. Bill Broach, Bill Broach Co., uses a universal mounting plate on his attachments to interchange between his Bobcat skid steers and Bobcat compact excavators. "I like using them on the excavators because you can reach better," he notes. "But if I have to, we have it so we can also put them on the skid steer."

Tom Egnoski, Egnoski Excavating & Construction, uses a similar approach. Although his hydraulic hammer attachments were acquired primarily for use on his IHI compact excavators, a universal mounting plate enables them to be mounted on his Caterpillar 247 multi terrain loaders, as well.

Both excavators are also equipped with quick couplers. "I'm changing buckets or breakers so much that I got tired of pulling pins," he comments. "I put couplers on the machines so it's easier to change them."

Attachments Boost Business Growth