Four New Grapples for Skid Steers

Rock and Skeleton Grapples handle uneven loads with dual hydraulic cylinders, come in widths up to 78 in.

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Land Pride introduces four new skid-steer grapples in 12 sizes.

  • SGC15 Claw Grapple – Built with a 6-in. x 6-in. tubular frame and serrated teeth, the all-purpose grapple is designed to move rocks, trees, brush, and construction debris. Available in 60-, 72-, and 84-in. widths.
  • SGM15 Manure Grapple – For cleaning barns, moving hay, or maintaining the barnyard, this grapple comes in four widths from 60 to 78 in. with eight to ten spears.
  • SGR15 Rock Grapple – Dual hydraulic cylinders grasp uneven loads, and 3-in. spacing between teeth sift smaller debris. Available in 66-, 72- and 78-in. widths.
  • SGS15 Skeleton Grapple – For removing roots, stumps, and other timber or debris, the Skeleton Grapple is similar to the Rock Grapple, with dual hydraulic cylinders. Available in 66- and 78-in. widths, but 5-in. spacing between tines.
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