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Charleston, SC 29492

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295 Seven Farms Drive, Suite C-193
Charleston, SC 29492
Phone:(843) 388-2556
Fax:(843) 388-2558

AEUP was founded on the principle of finding a better way to serve the needs of customers in the access equipment industry. Backed by nearly 30 years of industry experience, AEUP's goal is to deliver the most dependable, safest products available with the lowest life-cycle costs.

The company's pledge to offer the most reliable equipment in the industry led it to become the exclusive North, Central and South American distributor of Bravi access equipment. With a 17-year, worldwide reputation for innovation, safety and reliability, Bravi may be new to these shores, but has proven itself in countless applications around the world.

The company's mission is to be the most responsive, best-informed organization we can be so that our business partners, distributors, rental agents - and the guy in the platform using the equipment - all have the information and expertise needed to be safe and successful. From seamless tech support and face-to-face training to a "no clutter" approach to sales and commitment to long-term follow up, the organization is dedicated to making its customers’ lives a little bit easier.

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Mike Buley
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