Excavator Plate Compactors

Doosan Excavator Plate Compact 10728399

The PCX64, PCX114 and PCX220 feature a flat-top mount design for easy mounting to different excavators.

  • Flat-top design allows a "cap" to be added to attachment based on the specific machine being used
  • 4 outboard shock mounts distribute vibrations evenly while keeping attachment level
  • Standard flow controls prevent over-speeding


  • Approved for Doosan DX140LC excavator
  • Baseplate width of 23 in.
  • Dynamic force of 6,400 lbs.
  • 2,000 vpm compaction frequency


  • Approved for Doosan DX140LC, DX180LC, DX190W, DX210W, DX225LC and DX255LC excavators
  • Baseplate width of 27 in.
  • 2,000 vpm frequency
  • 11,350 lbs. of dynamic force


  • Approved for Doosan DX255, DX300, DX350, DX420, DX480 and DX520 excavators
  • Baseplate width of 32 in.
  • 2,100 vpm frequency
  • 22,000 lbs. of dynamic force
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