Epiroc ER 1500 Drum Cutter

New excavator attachment from the Atlas Copco Group subsidiary is ideal for tunneling, special foundation work, demolition and soil mixing, and features a dust suppression system to help meet silica dust regulations.

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Epiroc AB, a subsidiary of Atlas Copco Group, has introduced the ER 1500 Drum Cutter excavator attachment. The powerful transverse drum cutter is ideal for tunneling, special foundation work, demolition and soil mixing, and features an integrated dust suppression system to help maximize safety and help to achieve OSHA silica dust regulations.

 At a service weight of 3,858 lbs. (1,750 kilograms), the ER 1500 double-head machine is suitable for carriers of 44,000 to 88,000 lbs. (20 to 40 tons). It offers:

  • Rated power of 160 hp (120 kW).
  • Cutting force of 9,100 to 15,700 lbf (40.6-69.9 kN) at 5,000 psi (350 bar).
  • A standard cutting head width of 35 in. (880 mm)
  • 44 tungsten carbide-tipped picks
  • An efficient, powerful and robust drivetrain, secure attachment of cutter drums, rigid and wear-resistant gear housing as well as pick boxes with hardened wear sleeves
  • Cutter heads are designed to provide optimum cutting power at the recommended rotation speed of 75 rpm, ensuring a smooth cutting action while providing each pick with the maximum cutting power to penetrate the rock
  • Uses large spur gears driven by high-torque hydraulic motors; robust gear wheels allow the drum cutter to be used in the most difficult conditions
  • Central fixing system allows the drum cutter to rotate 360° without having to be disconnected from the excavator
  • Low-vibration and quiet operation allow work in sensitive areas
  • Integrated dust suppression system reduces dust directly in the cutting area, positioning water jets as close as possible to the working area to ensure the spray reaches the dust-producing area while making it easy for the excavator operator to control it

[VIDEO] Epiroc Drum Cutter Attachment's Advantages and Applications

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