Ditch Doctor Rivals Conventional Ditch Digging Methods

The Ditch Doctor is a hydraulic excavator attachment designed to create, restore and maintain infrastructure drainage ditches by creating a two-stage ditch

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The Ditch Doctor chews up material with cutting heads, breaks it down and redistributes the material from a chute. The dirt is projected away from the ditch allowing it to self level. The two-stage ditch allows vegetation to remain on slopes and upper shelf as rotary head carves out a U-shaped ditch below.

  • Excavator operator has full control of cutting depth and projection distance
  • Patented detachable outer scroll case for dry ditching
  • Can work in up to 3 ft. of water
  • Can handle any material
  • Can function as a bucket to move large items like boulders from the ditch
  • Two models available
  • Custom manufactured to fit specific makes and models of excavators from 5 to 22 tons

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