What Track Loader Tread Pattern Should I Buy?

Summit Supply LLC offers this tread pattern terrain guide to make track tread selection easier.

Straight Bar Track
Summit Supply LLC

Buying the correct tread pattern for your working conditions will ensure optimum performance. Working environments affect ride, traction, ground disturbance, slippage and durability with your track.

Think about what purpose the track will serve when choosing a tread pattern. Are you looking for a multi-purpose tread or a tread very specific to one terrain? Is this track only for snow removal?

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It's essential to choose the correct tread pattern for your track loader to eliminate downtime and lower costs.


  • Comfortable ride and increased traction due to constant contact to the ground
  • Similar ride to staggered block but will match up with OEM Bobcat machines
  • Extremely durable on dirt, asphalt, gravel and grass surfaces
  • Similar in appearance to staggered block but has notches cut from each block creating the ‘C’ shape

Summit Supply ClugSummit Supply LLC


  • OEM tread for Kubota machines
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Increased traction
  • Similar in appearance to staggered block but has notches cut from each block creating the ‘H’ shape

Summit Supply HwaveSummit Supply LLC

Multi bar

  • Heavier track with an aggressive tread and much smoother ride than straight bar
  • Improves overall traction on soft ground surfaces great in snow
  • Smooth ride on paved surfaces
  • Popular option when going from loose materials to hard surfaces

Summit Supply MultibarSummit Supply LLC

Staggered block

  • General purpose tread for dirt, asphalt, gravel and grass
  • Option that most OEM such as Case, John Deere, Komatsu, New Holland and others use
  • Very comfortable smooth ride 
  • If you have no trouble with traction, this is a great tread to use
  • Minimal ground disturbance

Summit Supply Staggered BlockSummit Supply LLC

Straight bar

  • Aggressive tread pattern for dirt, mud, snow and gravel
  • Maximum traction on rough terrain
  • Recommended if machine has trouble slipping or spinning 
  • Minimizes side slipping
  • Rougher ride than c-lug or staggered block treads

Summit Supply Straight BarSummit Supply LLC

Turf tread

  • Offers minimal damage while on grassy terrain
  • Designed to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride for operator with constant contact to the ground
  • Optimal traction on asphalt, gravel, grass and dirt

Summit Supply TurfSummit Supply LLC

Zig zag

  • Very aggressive tread
  • Harder rubber compound so it can be used in every season
  • Directional track for more traction in the mud and snow
  • Bar is tiered so it is a self-cleaning track which provides constant traction
  • Eliminates slippage both forward and backward
  • Combines the benefits of straight bar and multi bar rubber tracks

Summit Supply Zig ZagSummit Supply LLC

Summit Supply is a leader for quality construction equipment wear parts. Our advanced rubber compound for rubber tracks means superior flexibility and resistance to abrasion and tears. Improve traction and enhance surface protection with Summit's extensive selection of tread patterns. All tracks can be special ordered in non-marking compound. Hardened, forged steel drive links are tempered for unmatched strength and durability which helps ensure correct fitment and reduces vibration in any operating condition. These rubber tracks are helically wound to guarantee even strength and weight distribution. As an estimated 80% of track failures occur where multiple cords are bonded together, we eliminate those seams to ensure the entire track circumference maintains its integrity for life.

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