7 Steps to Extend Rubber Track Life

Maximize the life of your rubber track by using these tips from Summit Supply.

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Maximize the life of your rubber track by using these tips. Plan out jobs accordingly and do thorough checks of the tracks before and after using.

1. Check track tension

Proper track tension on your rubber tracks ensures top performance, extends the life of the undercarriage, minimizes downtime, and reduces wear on the track drive components. Tracks must not be too loose or too tight. Soft working conditions mean your tracks should be looser and harder working conditions mean your tracks should be tighter. Operation manuals should have a tension range in which the machine’s track should be.

2. Keep tracks clean

Keep tracks as clean as possible to reduce friction with debris and reduce wear.

3. Shift weight when working downhill

When working downhill shift the weight to the front of the machine. The additional load will be placed on the front roller, idler tread surface and track links. When you reverse up the hill, the links rotates against the reverse-drive side of the sprocket tooth. This helps wear the links on your rubber tracks evenly.

4. Even out turns

It’s important to try and reduce slippage and spinning of your rubber tracks. Slippage and spinning accelerate track shoe grouser wear or tread depth and limits productive work. Heavy contact between the sprocket teeth, track links, rollers and between idler tread surfaces accelerates wear. Constantly turning to one side will reduce the life of a rubber or steel tracks. Plan your job to even out turns if possible.

5. Limit high speed

Limit nonproductive, high-speed travel because high-speed operation accelerates wear on all components. Track wear is directly proportional to speed. Speed increases stress. The distance a track machine travels determines wear.

6. Limit reverse operation

Try to limit reverse operation. Reverse operations accelerate wear on the reverse-drive side of the track links and sprocket teeth. Plan your jobsite work carefully to make travel productive.

7. Don't park in direct sunlight

If cracks appear in the tracks, the track is worn. Cracks can be caused from heat. To prevent wear from heat, don’t park in direct sunlight.

Summit Supply is a leader for quality construction equipment wear parts. Its dvanced rubber compound for rubber tracks means superior flexibility and resistance to abrasion and tears. Improved traction and enhanced surface protection with Summit's extensive selection of tread patterns. All tracks can be special ordered in non-marking compound. Hardened, forged steel drive links are tempered for unmatched strength and durability which helps ensure correct fitment and reduces vibration in any operating condition. These rubber tracks are helically wound to guarantee even strength and weight distribution. As an estimated 80% of track failures occur where multiple cords are bonded together, we eliminate those seams to ensure the entire track circumference maintains its integrity for life.

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