Sakai GW750-2 Pneumatic Roller

The GW751 is the interim Tier IV upgrade of the GW750 (Tier II) and GW750-2 (Tier III).
The GW751 is the interim Tier IV upgrade of the GW750 (Tier II) and GW750-2 (Tier III).
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The 20,370-lb. GW750-2 vibrating pneumatic tire roller develops a dynamic gyratory action that combines the kneading action of a pneumatic tire roller with the high forces generated by a vibratory roller. Seven 16-in.-wide pneumatic tires include three vibrating tires positioned on the front axle and interspersed with four on the rear, providing a total overlap coverage and rolling width of 77 in. A unique switching system allows the operator to select from five force settings ranging from 20,580 lbs. of static force to over 55,000 lbs. of total applied force, switchable from the operator’s station.

Brochure: Sakai GW750-2 Vibratory Pneumatic Tire Roller

  • Vibration frequency of 2,400 vpm
  • 123-hp Isuzu 4jj1XDIA water-cooled, turbocharged engine
  • Hydrostatically driven axles
  • 38% gradeability
  • Dual spray systems over the front and rear tires provide both a pressurized release agent and pressurized water
  • Rubber-isolated operator's station with dual seats and instrumentation
  • Features optimal side and curb clearance and tire edge visibility, ROPS and seatbelt, front and rear lights, braking lights and mirrors
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