Ammann Updates ARX Tandem Roller Line

The changes directly impact contractors who rent the machines – and the rental houses that supply them

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The Ammann Compaction light tandem roller equipment line is now available in the United States and has been enhanced for the rental market. The rollers feature a new Kubota D1703-M-DI engine that does not require any after-treatment technology to meet the latest Tier 4f emission standards. This appeals to contractors who rent the machines and aren’t willing, or comfortable, maintaining the Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) or Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) systems. Rental fleet owners also appreciate the reduced maintenance, marketability and resale value of a non-DPF product.

The engine is robust, with 19 kW of power – a significant amount given the varying light weights of the machines.

The updated rollers are the ARX 23.1-2 Stage V, the ARX 23.1-2C Stage V, the ARX 26.1-2 Stage V and the ARX 26.1-2C Stage V. They remain popular machines in part because of an articulation joint that enables quick drum adjustment from in-line to off-set configurations and fully electronic drive levers for smooth starts and stops.

Rollers Ready to Work

Rollers, like the ARX, are off-set and able to work close to obstructions. Operators need watch only one drum, knowing the second will be a safe distance from the obstruction. The in-line setting, which enables equal distribution of compaction forces, is preferred on more open jobsites.

The articulation joint on these machines, which makes the in-line/off-set adjustment possible, is maintenance-free.

Contractors also appreciate the machines’ ease of operation. The rollers utilize an intuitive dashboard layout and offer exceptional front and rear visibility. An LED light system and reduced sound levels improve operator and jobsite safety. 

Key features of the rollers include:

  • Electronic drive lever for smooth starts and stops, especially important on asphalt jobs
  • Spacious operator platform with sliding seat for comfort and visibility
  • Simple and reliable dashboard with intuitive machine control, helping inexperienced operators succeed
  • Accessible service and maintenance points for cost savings
  • Maintenance-free parts for low cost of ownership
  • Optional ACEforce, the Intelligent Compaction tool for optimal efficiency
  • Working widths range from 1000 mm to 1200 mm. Weights range from 2 ton to 2,5 tons
  • Applications include small and medium construction sites, city roads, boardwalks, city street repairs and road maintenance
  • The “C” versions are combination machines that utilize a steel drum in front and four pneumatic tires in the rear.

Technical specs:

  • Operating weight: 4650 – 5420 lbs
  • Maximum weight: 5090 – 5850 lbs
  • Drum width: 39.4–47.2 in
  • Max working off-set mode: 1.57 in
  • Engine: Kubota – 24,8 HP U.S. EPA Tier 4 final