Ammann Launches Electric Light Tandem Roller

The eARX 26-2 roller features a fully electric drive that can operate for 18 hours or longer without recharging.

The eARX 26-2 roller features a fully electric drive that can operate for 18 hours or longer without recharging.
The eARX 26-2 roller features a fully electric drive that can operate for 18 hours or longer without recharging.
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Ammann has unveiled the eARX 26-2 Light Tandem Roller for construction projects. The roller features a fully electric drive that can operate for 18 hours or longer without recharging.

The absence of a combustion engine makes the eARX 26-2 quiet during operation. Sound levels reaching the operation station are 46% less compared to the diesel version. The powertrain concept eliminates almost all hydraulic components. Standard features, in addition to the electric drive, are the roller’s design, drum construction, operator platform and engine compartment.

Battery Pack

The eARX 26-2 is equipped with a 48-volt battery pack with a capacity of 600 Ah (31.5 kWh) with electric motors for the main drive and vibratory circuits. The pack’s LiFePO4 technology features an internal battery cell that is independently protected.

The roller’s technology provides extended operation on a single charge. Depending on the jobsite and the demands on the machine, an eARX26-2 can operate 18 hours or longer per full charge. This means the machine must only be charged once per typical working day, usually at the end of the working shift (depending on jobsite conditions).

All electric drive and vibratory motors are equipped with a recuperation mechanism as standard. When the machine stops, or when vibration is turned off, the electric motors continue to generate power. Power is sent to the main battery to increase charge.

Machine Charging

The battery can be recharged via the recuperation process during machine operation or with chargers when the machine is not operating.

Charging requires no special tools. Two charging systems are available:

  • On-board charger – 50-amp charging system with 12 hours of charging time (from 0% to 100% battery capacity)
  • External charger – 200-amp charging system with 3.5 hours of charging time (from 0% to 100% battery capacity)

The LiFePO4 battery has a long lifespan and a high number of charging cycles. The operator can continuously monitor battery charge level. An automatic alert is sent via the multi-functional display when the charge falls to 10%. If the level drops to 3%, the system automatically disengages the vibrator to conserve power for machine travel to a charging zone. The ambient operating temperature ranges for this battery are wider than Li-ion batteries and other common technologies. LiFePO4 batteries can operate below freezing point from -10° C (14° F) to 60° C (140° F).


The fully electric drive offers the possibility for 100% traction control. Ammann Traction Control (ATC) is able to distribute drive power to the drums without any delays or losses in power transfer. Electric drive motors require more space than hydrostatic motors. Therefore, an innovative approach to vibratory drum design was required. Ammann developed a patented solution that makes it possible for drive motors to be installed inside the drums and within the eARX 26-2’s contour.

Electric drive motors also bring more control to the vibratory unit. Vibratory settings can be adjusted from 55 Hz to 66 Hz for effective compaction output.

Operators can switch between drive modes, adjusted with an electric control. Soft drive enables adjustments to directional changes. Hard drive responds quickly to directional changes. Panic stop idles the machine if the operator makes sudden directional changes or heavily adjusts the travel lever position.

Operator Station

The operator station is consistent with the complete line of Ammann Light Articulated Tandem Rollers. This includes features that support machine operation, resulting in control, usability and operator comfort.

The operator’s platform is insulated with rubber buffers, limiting the vibration that reaches the operator. All indicators and controls are located and visible on the dashboard and multi-functional display. The operator can monitor the battery charge, load and recuperation.


The machine can be used on sound-sensitive jobsites such as crowded locations, city centers and historical or residential areas. The eARX 26-2 can also be used for night work. The absence of a diesel engine and after-treatment structure eliminates exhaust emissions. Therefore, the machine can work inside buildings and underground jobsites, such as tunnels.

Service and Maintenance

The eARX 26-2 is almost maintenance-free, which decreases the total cost of ownership. There is no combustible (diesel) engine to maintain or diesel particulate filters to worry about. The vibratory system and articulation joint are maintenance-free. All rollers are equipped with an auto-diagnostics system that communicates with service technicians.


Ammann's sustainability commitment, known as ECOdrop, makes the latest Ammann products more environmentally friendly.

ECOdrop combines with eMission to produce machines with the following features:

  • No diesel engine – no periodic change of engine oil or filter
  • No engine after-treatment structure (EGR, DOC, SCR, DPF) – no additional cost or regular maintenance
  • No DEF tank – no filters to be changed, tanks to be cleaned or fluids to leak
  • No cooling system – no cooling liquid to change
  • The use of a maintenance-free articulation joint and vibratory system – no maintenance needed for the life of the machine
  • The reduction of hydraulic oil to 4 liters – only needed for the steering circuit

Ammann ServiceLink is a standard feature of eMission machines. ServiceLink is a fleet management method for construction machines, providing control of machine data for customer fleets.

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