Potain Tower Cranes Connect an Urban City to Peru with Bridge Construction

Two Potain MC 310 K16 Tower Cranes are deployed in the creation of a 1,410 foot bridge that will cross the Nanay River connecting Iquitos, Peru with the rest of the country.

Potain Mc 310 K16 Tower Crane Duo Erects 1410 Ft Bridge In Perus Amazon 03
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Thanks to geographics, the city of Iquitos, located in Peru, is secluded by the Amazon River and its various tributaries. The city, an urban center, currently houses a population of almost half a million people — a population with limited transportation methods to the rest of the country.

Currently, transportation into and from the city is limited, as plane and boat rides are the only methods available. This problem is soon to be relieved with the help of two Potain MC 310 K16 tower cranes.

The two machines, provided by Potain Dealer ETAC, are helping erect a 1,410 foot bridge that will connect the urban city to nearby roadways. The cranes will aid with lifting and distributing 1,236,013 square feet of concrete, 6,600 tons of reinforced steel and 6,400 tons of structural steel to various parts of the project.

Potain Mc 310 K16 Tower Crane Duo Erects 1410 Ft Bridge In Perus Amazon 02

“The Nanay Bridge will become the longest and most modern bridge in Peru, and we’re proud to supply such an important project with some of the world’s most trusted tower cranes,” said Carlos Villacorta Canessa, general manager at ETAC. 

The bridge, once complete, will connect almost 4,934 feet of elevated access viaducts across the span of the Nanay River, which is one of the many tributaries of the Amazon River.

The entire project will aim to be completed in the second half of 2021 and will cost about $168 million.

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