Self-Erecting Tower Cranes Could Change the Home Construction Industry

Pinetop Custom Homes utilizes Manitowoc's Potain self-erecting tower cranes on a single-family home project in Idaho, allowing the company to do more homebuilding projects in the future based on the efficiency of the machines.

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Self-erecting tower cranes are taking the next step in the global construction industry by making an impact on the residential home market 

The machines versatile nature allows contractors to utilize them on jobsites restricted by space and state regulations — making a name for the equipment in the construction industry as a whole. In the past, these self-erecting tower cranes have enabled lifts in limited downtown spaces, became essential to hospital additions where a small footprint was required, and created the ability to erect an 120-meter zero-energy skyscraper. 

These machines can operate from one single fixed position, while still having the ability to reach the entire jobsite with ease and efficiency. In the home building sector, this can eliminate the need for multiple pieces of machinery and labor costs making it cost-efficient for construction. In addition, the extended reach and minimal erection time can increase jobsite productivity — allowing for contractors to get the job done quicker with less downtime.  

Pinetop Custom Homes used Manitowoc’s Potain self-erecting tower crane on a single-family project in McCall, Idaho.  

“We are able to build houses 50 percent faster with the self-erecting tower cranes than with other types of equipment,” said Dusty Bitton, owner of Pinetop. “They’re also easier to get to the jobsite. They have axles underneath, so you can just pull them onto the site. They’re silent from electrical operation and don’t produce exhaust fumes, and with their remote control, they really increase visibility and precision picking.”  

Project highlights: 

    • In McCall, Idaho, Pinetop Custom Homes accessed areas where other machines could not reach, saving approximately 60 days of construction time and costs. 
    • Self-erecting cranes have the ability to perform the job of several pieces of equipment with the benefit of reducing labor needs and increasing productivity. 
    • Pinetop’s sister company, Rocky Mountain Crane, currently utilizes a fleet of 25 Potain self-erecting cranes for various projects, including the construction of entire homes. 
    • The crane’s 131-foot jib enabled workers to lift materials to the backside of the home and overcame challenges when the footprint was initially larger than the existing land. 
    • The Potain self-erecting tower cranes feature quick erection time and ease of operation, which allows operators to lift and place prefabricated materials, such as floor joists, wall sections and roof trusses. 
    • The radio remote control system allows workers to communicate from the ground and navigate the jobsite — increasing visibility and communication among crew members. 
    • Operators can lift materials right in front of their standing location, improving visibility and accuracy. 

    Self-erecting tower cranes have an impact on the home construction industry due to their ability to adapt to various jobsite requirements — especially spatial restrictions. In the following video, Manitowoc highlights the innovative features that make the Potain self-erecting tower crane the ultimate tool for the construction industry. 

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