JCB Develops Off-Board Rapid Charger for E-TECH Machines

The JCB Universal Charger allows customers to extend working capabilities across battery electric construction and industrial machinery with a single rapid-charge solution.

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JCB has developed a new rapid Universal Charger, compatible with current and future E-TECH electric models. Working with machine electrical systems from 48V to 96V and above, the JCB Universal Charger offers customers a future-proofed off-board rapid-charging solution that allows extended working capability with battery electric construction and industrial machinery.

All JCB E-TECH equipment is supplied from the factory with a standard built-in charger and rapid charger preparation, allowing customers to simply and quickly cap off the charge and return to work. The charger unit, which is available through JCB dealers and JCB Parts, can be easily installed at any site offering 480V three-phase electrical supply.

By offering a Universal Charger rather than chargers dedicated to each product line, JCB is delivering a single rapid-charge solution, which can be used across a fleet of machines on site or in the yard. The unit can recharge the 19C-1E electric mini excavator from zero to full charge in 2.5 hours, allowing for quick turnaround while boosting productivity potential.

The JCB Universal Charger requires a standard 480V three-phase electrical supply and comes with both four- and five-pin connectors to suit site power provision across Europe. It will also be offered in the North American market and across the world.



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