Brokk Adds Four Next-generation Remote-controlled Demolition Machines

Each of the four models comes equipped with Brokk’s SmartConcept technology

Brokk Next Gen Demo Machines
Brk Black

The Brokk 170, 200, 300 and green diesel 520D remote-controlled demolition models include the SmartConcept technology, which maximizes the capabilities of the machines with the power management features of SmartPower, the added reliability and user-friendliness of SmartDesign and the enhanced ergonomics and productivity of SmartRemote. The units also offer improvements in power-to-weight ratios and rugged reliability. 

  • 3,527-lb. Brokk 170 maintains the compact dimensions of the 160 while offering up to 15% more breaking power and a 24-kW SmartPower  electric powertrain
  • 4,629-lb., 27.5-kW Brokk 200 provides up to 40% more hitting power yet maintains a 31-in. width, plus has 15% longer vertical and horizontal reach vs. the 160 model
  • 8,047-lb., 37-kW Brokk 300 replaces the 280, delivering up to 40% more hitting power, slightly more length and the same width and height; new arm system increases vertical and horizontal reach to 21.3 and 20 ft.
  • Eco-friendly, 12,125-lb. Brokk 520D offers up to 40% more hitting power than the 400D it replaces, nearly a foot more working reach and comes with a Kohler Tier 4 Final diesel engine; heavier-duty boom system and increased hydraulic performance allow use of attachments available for the 500 model 


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