[VIDEO] Bobcat R2 Series Excavators Improve Upon R1 Features

The Bobcat R2 Series excavators, the E42 and E50, carry forward many of the R1 Series features while adding new features that enhance performance and operator comfort.

Bobcat's E42 and E50 are part of the R2 Series of compact excavators. These conventional tailswing compact excavators feature enhanced performance and comfort features, as well as greater machine uptime protection.

Some of the R1 features that carried over into the R2 Series are the larger cab, dual flange rollers and improved over the side lift capacity.

Some new features of the R2 Series include an integrated lift eye, relocated auxiliary quick couplers and a diverter valve that allows operators to run clamp and hydraulic attachment hoses on the same circuit.

New low-effort joysticks respond easily to operator input with quick, precise movement, while the new hydraulic control valve improves metering, finite movement and controllability for fine grading. Cycle times improve, with less operator fatigue.

A clamp diverter valve option has been added to enhance hydraulic clamp functionality and allow running other attachments without disconnecting the clamp. Auxiliary hydraulics are easier to reach and attach, thanks to a new location on the excavator arm.

The units come with a 5-in. LCD display or a 7-in. touch-screen display panel where operators can toggle through machine performance information to make operation efficient, productive and profitable.

The redesigned Doosan Bobcat engine improves cold-weather operation and includes a variety of features that make maintenance and service more convenient.

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