ZX12-3 Excavator

Zx123excavator 10092772
Hitachi Tm 2007 Pms716 10836073

The 28,498-lb. ZX120-3 utility-class excavator can generate 24,720 lbs. of drawbar pull and 25,077 ft./lbs. of swing torque with 12,823 lbs. of breakout force.

  • 93-hp four-cylinder Isuzu engine
  • Can lift 11,443 lbs. over the front at a distance of 15 ft. (blade on ground)
  • Three power modes, two travel modes and one work mode
  • Available with an 8' 3" or 9' 11' arm
  • 20-in. rubber crawler pad or 24-in. or 28-in. triple semi-grouser steel shoes
  • Backfill blade available
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