950E Excavator

400-hp Cummins-powered excavator gives the value-oriented Chinese manufacturer an excavator capable of mass excavation

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Liugong 10943570

The 950E large tonnage excavator has an operating weight of 105,822 lbs., a maximum digging depth of 21 ft. 5 in., a maximum dump height of 22 ft. 7 in. and a bucket capacity of 4.2 cu. yds.

  • Intelligent Power Control System (IPC) provides more accurate matching and control over engine speed and main pump flow
  • Power, Economy, Fine, Lifting, Breaker and Attachment selectable working modes
  • Combines components and system from suppliers such as Cummins, Kawasaki, Nabtec and Grammar with advanced in-house technology
  • 375-hp (gross) Cummins QSM11-375 Tier 3 diesel engine
  • Automatic idle speed function reduces engine rpms down to 1,000 rpm after seven seconds
  • LCD monitor displays machine operational status, warnings, audile alarms and maintenance information and serves as the display for the rearview camera
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