Cat 323F L Excavator

Caterpillar cut operating speed to 1,500 rpm, upsizing hydraulic pumps so the 25-ton hoe can work as hard as the 320E it replaces at 10% better fuel efficiency

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Caterpillar reduced rated high-idle speed in the new 323F L excavator to 1,500 rpm, upsizing the hydraulic pumps so the 25-ton hoe can work just as hard as the 320E that it replaces at up to 10% better fuel efficiency. Cat Grade Cotnrol Depth and Slope is standard equipment on 323Fs with 9-ft. 5-in. sticks and standard-reach booms, and the bucket-positioning technology can be activated and calibrated for free in the first six months after purchase. The system’s protected front linkage sensors provide real-time bucket-positioning and cut-and-fill data through the standard cab monitor.

  • Optional heavy counterweight boosts over-the-side lifting capacity 20%
  • 161-hp C7.1 diesel engine with automatic engine speed control, an engine idle shutdown system and ECO mode
  • Maintenance-free, integrated diesel particulate filter and SCR exhaust aftertreatment lasts the life of the machine
  • Enhanced hydraulic system combined with boom and stick regeneration circuits reduce the load on the main pumps, contributing to overall fuel savings
  • Provides a 22-ft. 1-in. maximum dig depth, 32-ft. 4-in. maximum reach (ground level) and generates a drawbar pull of 46,090 lbs.

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