EC750E HR High-reach Excavator

Volvo's EC750E HR, it's largest high-reach excavator in North America, can reach up to 118 ft. high and is capable of handling up to 8,000-lb. tools

Volvo Ec750 Ehr Image

Volvo's EC750E HR high-reach excavator features a heavier and sider undercarriage and factory-fitted guarding, and it can be easily reconfigured using extensions and different boom sets to become a multi-use demolition tool. It is the company's largest high-reach excavator in North America. The undercarriage is 1 ft. 9 in. longer and 2 ft. 10 inc. wider compared to the EC750E.

  • Maximum pin height: 118 ft.
  • Patented hydraulic modular joint concept uses two-pin hydraulic lock mechanism to change high reach into a digging configuration
  • Second hydraulic modular joint on extension boom allowing angle of both extension and digging boom to be set between bent and straight configurations
  • High-reach boom with a 118-ft. maximum pin height while carrying a tool of up to 8,000 lb.
  • High-reach boom with an 85-ft. maximum pin height while carrying a tool of up to 11,000 lb.
  • Digging boom set with a 14.4-ft. extension allows for a 59-ft. pin height
  • Hydraulic extendable, retractable undercarriage with 360-degree working range

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Volvo EC750EHR Infographic

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