Kobelco SK550DLC-10 Demolition Excavator

Purpose-built unit boasts a reach of up to 90 ft. and utilizes hydraulic demolition tools of up to 5 tons

Kobelco Sk550 Dlc 10
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The SK550DLC-10 building demolition excavator is purpose-built to dismantle concrete, steel and wood structures. It boasts a reach of up to 90 ft. with an Ultra High Reach front and utilizes tools up to 5.3 tons (11,680 lbs.) on the 48-ft. Separate Boom.

  • NEXT joint system enables quick, easy switch between the Separate Boom front and High Reach front for both below grade and tall structures
  • Three-piece Separate Boom front provides more reach and dexterity than the standard machine
  • Demolition spec cab offers up to 30° tilt, a stability warning system, cab interference system, rear and right-side cameras and cylinder holding valves to enhance jobsite safety 

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