SX-6e/ex Soil Stabilizer-Reclaimer

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Roadtec's SX-6e/ex soil stabilizer-reclaimer is designed to be balanced evenly for maximum traction and features an industry-exclusive air-shift tansmission for the cutter speeds.

  • Cuts up 20 in. deep and 100 in. wide
  • Tier 4 Interim 6-cyliner, 600-hp Cummins QSX15 diesel engine
  • Four cutting speeds
  • Right-hand flush cut
  • Hydraulically controlled suspension, which allows the depth of cut to be selected via push button
  • Built on a sealed, strong, rigid box frame that allows controlled air flow while maintaining durability
  • Fully-enclosed operator compartment (with heat and air conditioning) shifts 18-inc. to the right of center
  • Operator seat slides laterally and swings 90-degrees for increased visibility
  • Rear-mounted camera is designed to provide full visibility and safety when backing up
  • Variable geometry cutter housing designed to position the cutter in a way that promotes material sizing as well as the flow of the material
  • Heavy-duty front and rear doors are hydraulically adjustable for additional control of gradation and flow

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