[VIDEO] K-Tec Scrapers Used in Lagoon Construction Projects

In 2017, Earth Max Construction was awarded a pair of lagoon pond projects in rural southern Manitoba, Canada.

The St. Pierre, Manitoba lagoon project required 150,000 cubic meters of earthwork to double the lagoon capacity, which now allows for a capacity of 150 additional homes, or 2,000 residents. This project included construction of a new secondary cell and a new wetland cell. Earthwork activities included topsoil stripping, stockpiling, excavation, embankment and dyke removal. Earth Max started the St. Pierre lagoon project in May 2017, and completed it in an impressive two-month span in July 2017 using K-Tec 1233 scrapers.

Scrapers Help Shave Over $1 million in Lagoon Construction Project Costs

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