Free Online Cost Savings Calculators

Use these online calculators to see if Luber-finer and Champion Oil products can save your company money

Luber-finer and Champion Oil both offer free online calculators that can help fleet owners determine costs savings related to using each company’s products.

Luber-finer Time Release Technology (TRT) Value Calculator

The Luber-finer oil filter TRT Value Calculator mobile website is designed to help fleet managers better understand current maintenance costs associated with oil changes. Fleet managers can use the calculator to determine potential fleet savings by using TRT filtrations products from Luber-finer.

In addition, Luber-finer offers a ShowMeTheParts mobile website and online parts look up and cross reference tool. Users can find one-click access to Luber-finer filter products and detailed searching by nearly any make, model and year with up-to-date specifications and data for all filter specifications.

Champion Fuel Economy Calculator

Champion Oil’s fuel economy calculator is designed to help diesel fleet operators and drivers determine potential savings when using a lower viscosity heavy-duty motor oil.