Solar Battery Chargers

Yelo Trac Sp5 11111615
Pulsetech 11016518

The Solar Panel battery chargers are combine a charge with patented high frequency pulse technology to maintain and condition vehicles or an equipment battery while in use or sitting idle.

  • Continually charge, maintain and even extend normal battery life cycles
  • Designed for 12- and 24-volt batteries
  • 2-, 5-, 6- and 25-watt versions
  • Pulse Technology cleans (desulfates) battery plates
  • Clear, polyurethane plastic coating mounted on laminated aluminum substrate make panels impervious to weather, aging and damage from bumps and knocks
  • Feature high efficiency, high quality crystalline silicone cell which can pack more power per square inch and have a smaller footprint than standard amorphous "thin film" solar cells

Document: Pulsetech Solar Battery Chargers


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