Legrand 11.5 kW Level 2 Commercial Electric Vehicle Charger

Compatible with 208-240V AC input power, the Level 2 charger comes with a pre-installed 4G SIM card for wireless connectivity and remote management.

Hia Wm Lnca Evc1 48 Sv1 2
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Legrand offers the Networked Level 2 Electrical Vehicle Charger for powering electric fleets and vehicles. Designed for commercial use, the 48-amp (11.5 kW) solution delivers a safe and reliable charging experience for users. 

A NEMA 3R rating enables the charger to be installed in outdoor locations and withstand exposure to water and debris. The Level 2 charging solution is compatible with 208-240V AC input power.

This charger can be installed in parking garages, hospitality spaces, fleets, multi-unit dwellings, offices and more.

The unit comes factory-configured with AmpUp, an EV charger operating system for drivers, fleets and station owners alike. Accessible features include real-time monitoring, diagnostics and customization to meet the needs of various EVs for private and public use. Wireless connectivity is facilitated by a pre-installed 4G SIM card.

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