Kohler Engines University Digital Service Delivers Content about Engines

Kohler Engines University Web TV will consist of one episode per week, twenty minutes each.

Kohler Engines University
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The latest circumstances have accelerated the digital transition and offered the opportunity to develop new forms of work organization, build and strengthen relationships, enhance services and products. Kohler Engines wants to keep you in the loop of the latest news and topics about engines.. 

Considering the ongoing revolution in how we access and consume contents, Kohler Engines deliberately designed this new service to give a global audience free access to speeches about current critical issues. The company has planned a series of web events that will be livestreamed on Facebook and Instagram. A public broadcasting service of live interviews to experts, influencers, distributors, executives. 

The ever-changing digital world is the perfect stage to promote original contents and reach every single player of the construction, agriculture, lawn & garden and rental sectors. The program is named Kohler Engines University Web TV and will consist of one episode per week, twenty minutes each. 

More than before, aftersales support is key and Kohler Engines provides the help the end user needs any time, anywhere. Kohler dealer’s network is wide and strong. To make it even wider and stronger, Kohler Engines scheduled additional invitation-only events called Kohler Engines University Live. These training sessions will be livestreamed for a limited audience and will cover more technical matters, such as gasoline engines basic maintenance, KIRA diagnostic tool, Kohler Partners platform, ect.

Kohler Communication is becoming more and more digital: we are now focusing on reaching customers and partners with new tools. We want to support them through the entire lifetime of our products. This idea led us to the creation of a set of training programs, online conferences and initiatives that will increase the brand recognition,” says Nino De Giglio, Director – Brand & Communication, Kohler Engines. 

For additional information, visit KohlerPower.it or Facebook.com/KohlerPowerEngines.