Fecon Green Environmentally Safe Hydraulic Fluids

Fecon Green

Fecon Green Hydraulic Fluids use a zinc-free, readily biodegradable formula that withstands the rigors of land clearing and forestry mulching.

  • Suited for hydraulic equipment operating in wet or dusty environments
  • Extremely low volatility increases flash and fire safety features
  • High viscosity index provides optimal fluid protection under higher loads and pressures
  • Provides seal conditioning which extends seal life and reduces oil leakage
  • Compatible with system materials and components designed to operate on mineral oil-based and most synthetic-based fluids
  • Engineered to perform in extreme conditions that require Anti-Wear (AW), anti-rust, anti-oxidation, anti-foam and demusibility properties
  • Available in 1-, 5-and 55-gal. containers
  • Standard in all of the company's mulching tractors
  • Meet or exceed Vickers M-2950-S, Vickers 1-286-5, U.S. Steel 126, and U.S. Steel 127 criteria
  • Meet EPA_ 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) guidelines for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants
  • For use in hydraulic systems where low toxicity, biodegradability and non-bioaccumulation properties are required
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