Monolec Ultrablend Engine Oil (8130)

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Monolec Ultrablend Engine Oil (8130) is a synthetic blend oil with a robust additive package for all-weather performance and wear protection for diesel and gas engines.

  • SAE 10W-30 engine oil
  • High-quality, low-volatility mineral oil and synthetic base fluids provide low-temperature properties
  • Pour point depressants allow oil flow at sub-zero temperatures
  • Shear-resistant VI improvers maintain viscosity properties at both high and low temperatures
  • Monolec and other wear-reducing compounds act synergistically to control wear as pressures and temperatures rise
  • Detergent and inhibitor additives reduce deposits, neutralize acids and defend metal from water
  • Foam suppressants ensure lower oxidation rate, better heat transfer and continuous film of lubricant protection
  • Low SAPS (sulfated ash, phosphorous and sulfur) formula minimizes poisoning of selective catalytic reduction and particulate filtration traps
  • Excellent oxidation stability and detergency allows for extended drain intervals


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