Monocal GP Grease (1499)

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Monocal GP Grease is designed for use in severe conditions such as high temperatures, heavy loads and water. Its high-performance formula features high-viscosity base fluid, calcium sulfonate complex thickener and Monolec, LE’s proprietary wear-reducing additive. This premium combination imparts a very high dropping point, exceptional inherent extreme pressure (EP) characteristics, superior mechanical stability, low oil bleed, and water resistance.

  • Especially effective when used on bearings operating in a warm, moist environment or in operations where a lot of water is needed to keep equipment cool
  • Ensures very low oil separation
  • Features high-viscosity base fluid (ISO 220)
  • Inherently prevents rust and corrosion
  • Has very high dropping point as compared to conventional thickeners
  • Imparts outstanding EP properties (without the addition of heavy metals), providing protection even when pound-out conditions occur
  • Protects against wear, metal-to-metal contact and scoring
  • Provides exceptional film strength
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