Monolec Gear Lubricant (703-704)

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Monolec Gear Lubricants (703-704) are versatile, multi-viscosity, extreme pressure gear oils that meet the demanding fleet requirements of all types of differentials (including limited slip), transmissions and industrial enclosed gearboxes, that require multi-viscosity EP gear oils.

  • Offers exceptional protection to worm gears and bronze parts
  • Especially appropriate for machine tools and other precision gearing because low wear rate keeps them within specification longer
  • Reduces wear
  • Select paraffinic crudes and special refining provide superior oxidation stability and long life
  • Passes Moisture Corrosion Test - gives excellent protection against rust and corrosion
  • High film strength, 70-lb. Timken pass
  • Passes Thermal Oxidation Stability Test
  • Nonfoaming
  • Does not affect seals
  • Multiviscosity for use in all seasons
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