L-X Heavy Duty Chemical Supplement (2300)

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Lubrication Engineer's 2300 L-X Heavy Duty Chemical Supplement is a combination of oils and chemicals which has been carefully selected utilizing an advanced formulation, and has a unique ability to permeate metal to help internal combustion engines achieve maximum performance.

  • Reduces wear of valve stems, guides and other moving parts in the upper section of the engine
  • Lubrication of the upper compression ring significantly reduces fuel dilution and blowby
  • Cleans away carbon, varnish and gum deposits - further formations are prevented from forming on rings, plugs, pistons, valves, carburetors, fuel injectors, PCV valves and other engine parts
  • Corrosive wear reduced through minimized fuel dilution
  • Fuel system corrosion prevented because the dispersed water is kept in suspension for complete removal
  • Mixes thoroughly with fuel without any agitation required
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