Downloadable Chipper Safety Tips for Your Customers

Download and print this PDF for your customers that explains proper chipper operation and will help them have a successful chipper rental

We've put together this one-page PDF that you can download and print for your customers. This article -- broken down into short safety tips -- will help customers with proper chipper operation to create a more productive and safe chipper rental.

Click here to download the PDF. Once you've downloaded the PDF, save it to your desktop. You can now print this PDF to hand out to customers or include in your direct mail correspondence.

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Note: You can add your own logo to this PDF before printing it off and handing it out to your customers. Once you've saved the document to your computer, open it up and use the Adobe "Stamp" tool. To do this follow these steps:

  1. Choose Tools > Comment & Markup > Stamps > Show Stamps Palette
  2. Click Import, and select the image file of your logo (You may have to change the "Files of type" option to the correct file type [JPEG, GIF, etc.] as PDF will probably be the default selection)
  3. Choose a category from the menu or type a new category name from the "Categoy:" field.
  4. Enter a name for the custom stamp in the "Name:" field and then click OK.
  5. Select your image and then click where you want it "stamped" to your PDF document.
  6. To change the size or location of the image, click on the image and make any adjustments.