Sennebogen 825 Demolition Machine

Sennebogen 825 M
Sennebogenna 10910222

The 825 R-HD E-Series demolition machine can reach up to 45 ft. and can safely handle its maximum load capacity through 360° of rotation with a minimal tailswing.

  • Fully hydraulic quick-change coupler allows use with a full range of interchangeable hydraulic attachments
  • Maxcab can tilt upward by as much as 30° and can elevate smoothly up to an eye level of 18 ft. for visibility into trucks during loading
  • Generous window space affords a clear, unobstructed view of the entire work area plus cameras mounted on the right side and rear of the carriage are displayed on the in-cab monitor
  • Crawler tracks can telescope out for a wider stance, providing a stable working platform on uneven and broken terrain
  • EcoMode, automatic idle and automatic stop reduce fuel consumption and emissions by up to 25%
  • Compact footprint allows quick self-loading and unloading via a flatbed
  • Safety features include ground-to-cab railings, a catwalk and sliding door entry and bulletproof glass on the windshield and skylight
  • Also available with extra protective steel grilles on the roof and front window
  • Large-scale valves and hoses allow the hydraulic system to keep oil flowing smoothly according to demand and reduces wear on pressure-sensitive hydraulic components
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