VPT 250 Short Hole Hammer Piercing Tools

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Mclaughlin 10852363

The 2.5-in.-diameter VPT 250 Short Hole Hammer piercing tool with a positive-turn reverse design and a shorter body allows for work in tight areas, such as congested urban areas and metropolitans.

  • Overall length of only 35 in. yet generates 720 bpm
  • Available in 2-, 2.5-, 3- and 4-in. size
  • Tailbolt design provides for optimal rear-machined heat-treated alloy to protect the tool body and can be replaced to extend the tool body life cycle
  • Air-on quarter turn reverse design available in 1.8-, 2-, 2.5-, 3- and 3.3-in. tools with both a replaceable head and moving head designs
  • Moving head design provides full striking force of the piston to the head of the tool, pulverizing stones in the surrounding soil and is reset after each blow with the mechanical spring reset
  • Minimal moving parts
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