[VIDEO] Volvo 5000B 8-ft. Series Pavers Broaden Highway Class Paver Range

Built for both heavy commercial and light highway tasks, the machines offer easy maintenance and strong performance coupled with serious fuel savings.

Volvo will also introduce its 5000B 8 ft. series pavers at CONEXPO. The new pavers will give the company a broad range of highway class pavers.

Included on the paver is a Volvo D6 Tier 4 Final, 173-hp engine. The engine comes on six cylinders instead of four, which is unique in the market. The engine is also used on various other pieces of Volvo construction equipment, providing improved parts commonality and better usage the company said. It features full-time adaptive power engine control, so there is no need to switch to different power modes.

Whenever the engine is idling and heating up the paver’s screed, it operates at a low 1,200 rpm. During paving operations, the engine is at 1,500 rpm. The lower engine rpms equate to low noise levels and thus reduced operator fatigue. Average noise level when paving is 79.2 dBa. An optional auto shutdown feature anti-idling helps prevent machine-hour buildup and excessive fuel consumption.

The paver comes standard with two-wheel drive, and is available with the option of four-wheel drive and six-wheel drive front wheel assist to improve automatic torque engagement. Bogeys on the machine are independently suspended, and pivot steer as well as positrack system are included.

At the front of the machine is a thick 1 in. (2.5 cm) rolled steel hopper wing whose large radius promotes material flow into the conveyor, aiding cleanup time at the end of the day. Its massive size also adds weight to the machine and eliminates the need for a counterweight at the front of the paver.

The conveyor and auger system are controlled by four independent sonic sensors to provide ideal material flow by independently controlling each conveyor and auger left to right.

A new UltiMat160 screed is a double wide screed; it is an 8-16 ft. (2.4-4.9 m) extendable screed which does not require any bolt-on extensions. It features a rapid heat-up cycle, as well as deep and wide walkways which are foldable for transport.

Two independent operator stations are included on the paver with seats that slide out and rotate. The operator control console tilts down and rotates, as well to maximize comfort and visibility to the hopper, screed and work space. The control panel is laid out in a logical and intuitive manner to ease training of machine operation.

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