Airstar America, Inc.

Ft Worth, TX 76112

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504 Cholla Ct.
Ft Worth, TX 76112
Phone:(817) 446-7722
Toll Free:(800) 217-9001
Fax:(817) 446-3656

Airstar America, Inc. is the inventor and world leader in balloon lighting technology. For the past 20 years, Airstar has dominated the field of safety lighting with the production of its glare-free, 360-degree lights. The Sirocco and Flex lighting systems allow increased traffic flow safety; create a safe work environment while reducing maintenance and energy consumption.

Airstar believes in energy-efficient lighting solutions that reduce environmental impact and saves on cost while at the same time increasing quality and productivity.

The company offers a wide variety of Sirocco and Flex lights from Metal Halide, Halogen, HMI and the latest LED technology. Ease of set up coupled with multiple accessory options such as Stands, Pole Mounts and Vehicle Mounts allows the lights to be adaptable for any situation. Mounting to a light tower, lighting a flagger station or mounted to paving and excavating equipment are just a few examples of how Airstar can work for you.

Key Contact
John Wessels
VP of Sales
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