Sirocco and Flex Lighting Balloons

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Available in a variety of sizes, the Sirocco (air inflated) and Flex (semi-rigid frame) provide a solution to the many lighting challenges faced in the construction business.

  • Sirocco 2-M 6x100W LED lighting solution has an average life of 50,000+ hours, features universal voltage (110V to 230V) and contains six LED sources with a nominal power of 100W (5,000 lumens), allowing it to light an area of over 32,000 sq. ft.
  • Sirocco 2-S 60W LED self-contained rechargeable system provides an average lifespan of 30,000 hours, can light areas up to over 4,800 sq. ft., operates on a 48-volt and 60W integrated power supply and comes in a heavy-duty transport case with integrated handles and casters for portability
  • Flex M 1000W HI-T pop-up envelope inflates without the need for a fan, while the Flex L 4000W HI-T is a retrofitting kit for lighting towers
  • Flex models resistant to wind, rain and extreme temperature changes, while providing 360˚ glare-free lighting for up to 5 acres
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