AT1150A and AT2550A Staplers

  • AT1150A and AT2250A Staplers
  • The new AT1150A Medium Crown Stapler and AT2550A Wide Crown Stapler combine a range of features for durable and reliable performance. The 7/16-in. Medium Crown and 1-in. Wide Crown both feature a depth-drive adjustment that allows users to drive staples to the precise level on the surface. The depth can be adjusted up to 3/16 in. The staplers also have quick-release "tool-less" cam-locks and top-loading magazines, which have a 140 staple capacity of 18 GA staples from 1-to 2-in. lengths. The AT1150A Medium Crown Stapler is built for light-duty fastening, including sub-flooring and furniture constructions; the AT2250A Wide Crown Stapler is engineered for lathing, roofing, and other heavier duty tasks. Both include nailer, oil supply,safety goggles, hex wrench and tool hook.
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