Champion 10,000 Welder/generator

Champion10000weldergenerator 10089647

The Champion 10,000 is powered by a 20-hp Kohler twin-cylinder OHV engine or a 22-hp Subaru OHV engine.

  • Produces 10,000 watts of peak auxiliary power and a 210-amp constant current DC weld output at 60% duty cycle
  • Generates 9,500 watts of continuous power from four 120V receptacles and one 120/240V receptacle
  • Starting capabilities for motors in the 3- to 5-hp range
  • Field Current Control technology allows for smooth Stick arc starts with minimal rod sticking
  • Generates 50- to 230-amp output for general scratch start DC TIG and limited flux-cored welding
  • Can be equipped for MIG welding aluminum
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