PRO 300 Welding Generator

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The next generation PRO 300 diesel welding generator from Miller Electric features improved reliability through fewer and more robust electronic components. An optional four-cylinder, 24-HP Deutz engine provides more power for using larger electrodes and gouging with carbons up to 1/4-in. diameter. More power also compensates for less oxygen when working in higher elevations.

The improved PRO 300 also offers better E6010 performance for downhill pipe welding, as well as better MIG, flux cored and TIG arc starts. Designed for construction fleets, small contractors and pipe welding applications, the PRO 300 provides 20 to 410 amps of welding power, as well as 12,000 watts of peak generator power. The new PRO 300 design features a single circuit board (the previous design used two circuit boards). The single board, which Miller also simplified for greater reliability, is housed in Miller's unique "Vault," a clean circuit board environment, protecting the electronics of the machine in heavy industrial applications. Without the sealed environment, circuit boards are exposed to harsh elements that can disrupt the electronics. The PRO 300 now features a low fuel shutdown function that shuts down the engine before fuel runs out and a new maintenance alert meter indicates the number of hours between oil change intervals, helping operators adhere to a routine maintenance schedule. The meter also indicates a high temperature or low oil pressure condition.

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