Asphalt Contractor Product Showcase January 2006

A product showcase for January 2006.

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Cardinal EPR Scales
The EPR series low-profile, pitless, heavy-duty vehicle scales are available in concrete or steel decks.
• Capacities range from 30 to 135 tons
• Available in permanent and portable designs
• Interlocking yoke and pin design means fast, no-bolt assembly
• Easy access to load cells and wiring
• Low profile or pit installations

BLS Enterprises Bolt-on TUFPADS
The polyurethane TUFPADS bolt-on track pads allow for easier installation and removal from grousers.
• Designed to last two to three times longer than rubber bolt-on pads
• Consist of a predrilled, reusable, steel triple grouser and a replaceable polyurethane bolt-on pad
• For use on asphalt milling machines, excavators and other track vehicles

Kaeser M57 Mobilair in Stainless Steel
The M57 Mobilair is now available in a stainless-steel package.
• Stainless-steel gull wing doors for corrosion resistance and long life under severe environmental conditions
• Unit is mounted on galvanized steel skids and placed in a galvanized steel crash frame with solid-steel floor plan
• 45-hp unit delivers 210 cfm at 100 psig
• Sigma Profile direct-drive airend combined with an oversized fuel tank provides 10 hours of uninterrupted operation

Computech Systems Contractor’s System
The Contractor’s System is designed to assist contractors, architects, engineers, project managers and others in performing material quantity estimates and related construction calculations.
• Compatible with any personal digital assistant (PDA) that uses the Palm Operating System
• Programs include Excavation, Footing Concrete, Slab Concrete, Asphalt Paving, Masonry Block, Cut/Fill, Washed Gravel and more

Coneqtec/Universal AP Pro Cold Planer
The AP Pro Series heavy-duty planer has a true two-speed direct-drive motor that allows shifting from high speed to high torque.
• Open drum eliminates re-milling for increased productivity
• Front down design and center pivot eliminates bouncing and reduces noise and dust
• Electric or hydraulic control options

Transpo Bondade
Transpo’s Bondade asphalt binder additive is designed to enhance durability on hot and cold patch repairs, dry or damp holes, pavement overlays or cold joint emergency repairs.
• Can be sprayed or brushed on
• Contains no VOCs
• Non-toxic, non-flammable and non-combustible

Flex-Safe Barrier System
The Flex-Safe barrier system is a durable, high visibility, pedestrian management system.
• Use individually or in series
• One person can set up 7-plus feet of protection in seconds

East Tailgate Conversion
East Manufacturing now offers an optional mechanism that simplifies conversion of the tailgate from top-swing to side-swing for outboard-style Genesis dump trailers.
• Also makes the switch safer for drivers who can accomplish the conversion from ground level simply by actuating a handle located at the bottom of the driver’s side rear post, eliminating the need for drivers to climb a ladder or otherwise get to the top of the rear post in order to pull or insert pins

BarrierGuard 800
The BarrierGuard 800 rapidly deployable steel stafey barrier from Barrier Systems is for use in work zones or as a permanent installation.
• QuickMount connection system
• Unique “step” profile redirects errant vehicles with little damage
to the vehicle or barrier
• Meets NCHRP Report 350 Test level 4